Changes in the beauty industry are more than skin deep. If you're relying on traditional research methods you're only scratching the surface.


Connect with the consumers that are driving change

The beauty industry is in the throes of massive disruption. The routines and rituals of the core consumer have changed. The approach most brands take to understand those preferences has not. Consumers who are shaping trends simply do not respond to outdated research methods like email surveys.

Our approach blends conversational research design principles with the power of mobile messaging to engage the next generation of beauty enthusiasts to uncover richer, more actionable insights.

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Evolving beauty routines

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Instant video feedback

Inspire your followers to share experiences in their own words through the power of video and pictures.

Instant video feedback Instant video feedback

Consumers love chats

Meet your consumers where they're at. Our UI matches the expectations that have evolved out of mobile messaging chat culture.

Consumers love chats Consumers love chats

Fast, effective and engaging

Jumpstart your mobile community in days and receive in-the-moment feedback for subscription boxes and new product releases.

Fast, effective and engaging Fast, effective and engaging

What you need to know about evolving consumer habits in beauty

This report shares how beauty companies are capitalizing on stay-at-home trends to maintain revenue streams while recommending how to further improve consumer loyalty and engagement.

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