Keeping up with today’s complex customer journey

Purchasing behaviors have never been more complicated. According to the Boston Consulting Group, a single customer journey involves anywhere between 20 to 500 customer-company interactions.

Unfortunately, current research approaches aren’t equipped to handle this increasing complexity. Episodic, time consuming and recall-based, traditional customer journey mapping solutions often fail to deliver the rich, in-the-moment insights brands need today to compete.

Uncover what’s really driving behaviors

Uncover what’s really driving behaviors

Reach3’s Consumer Journey Mapping solution is designed to help research teams, marketers and CX pros get closer to key moments of truth and better understand the path to purchase.

Leveraging conversational research design principles and powered by AI, this mobile chat-based insight solution is engineered to reach the right people at the right time for ongoing, longitudinal engagement.


Customer journey mapping research for modern brands

Longitudinal learning


Engage real people for ongoing engagement and real-time feedback using modern channels like social media, QR codes and CRM

Deeper, more accurate insights

Deeper, More
Accurate Insights

Combine quant, qual and video in one research exercise to get more contextual feedback

Fast, text-triggered survey exercises

Fast, Text-triggered

Mobile text notifications enable seamless multi-phased research that uncovers nuances along the journey

Actionable reporting for customer journey mapping


Use Reach3’s suite of deliverables — from real-time mobile deliverables to curated interactive journey maps — to inspire action

Case studies: Journey mapping with immediate impact


Auto purchase financing journey

Reach3 used a mutli-phased approach, including in-depth interviews and advanced analytics, to uncover opportunities in attracting new auto buyers in different segments


Consumer boating experience

Mapped out the new boater experience from pre-season check to end-of-season to understand opportunities for improvement in the buyer journey

Customer journey mapping example and use cases

Multi-country path to purchase study

Used Reach3's conversational research approach to understand a social media brand’s unique role in consumers’ shopping journey and how it influences and leads to purchase


Sick Care Journey Understanding

Used pre-shop, in-store, and post-shop mobile diaries and observational approaches (via video) to understand the journey for sick care


Holistic, white-glove support for your journey mapping research needs

Activation: Deliverables that drive action

A full suite of modern deliverables to help your team socialize insights across functional teams.

  • 24/7 access to real-time reports and toplines to keep your team updated in real-time
  • Visually engaging, interactive journey maps help to socialize the findings among key stakeholders
  • Curated digital stories can speak to the unique needs of different stakeholder teams
  • Video reels bring the voice of the customer into the boardroom and bring your insights to life

Modern Research Techniques for Customer Journey Mapping

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