Brand Experience Predictor

An innovative mobile chat-based research solution for pre-testing experiential brand activations before you go to market.


Predict the Performance of Experiential Brand Activations

Amidst a fragmented media landscape that is making traditional advertising less effective, marketers are increasingly investing in physical & digital experiential brand activations such as creator content, pop-ups, metaverse, stunts, celebrity integrations & events to drive consumer engagement.

Brand Experience Predictor (BXP) maximizes Return on Experience (ROE)

Brand Experience Predictor (BXP) is the first scalable research solution to provide modern marketers with early-stage feedback on the effectiveness and potential of experiential brand activations. Featuring an immersive, mobile chat-based survey experience, this solution brings to life key elements of experiential activations so that consumers can provide fast & contextual feedback, including:

Robust predictive measures:

• Intent to share (word of mouth & social)
• Intent to engage/ purchase
• Brand impact

Diagnostics that let you know where your experience is most compelling and where it falls short in the hearts & minds of your target consumers.

Normative database to compare to other experiential brand activations by your company and in your category

Developed in partnership with world-renowned Word-of-Mouth marketing expert Ed Keller and powered by Reach3’s mobile chat-based conversational insight techniques, BXP is built for today’s modern, agile enterprise. Featuring an immersive, in-the-moment research experience, BXP identifies winners & losers, helping brands to maximize Return on Experience (ROE).

Testing Realistic Stimuli Across Platforms


Social Media Posts






Creator Content




Digital Ideas/





Next Gen Deliverables

Real-Time Results

A quick view into real time results including media.

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Dynamic Experience Dashboard

Mobile Dynamic Topline report with KPI’s and Brand Predictor Score compared against a normative database.

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Video selfies add culture & context, bringing consumer feedback to life.

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Why We Do It

Experiences are a powerful way to engage consumers, with recent research revealing they are more likely than traditional advertising to be beneficial to the brand, motivating trial, boosting positive feelings and emotional connectedness. Reach3 built BXP leveraging our immersive mobile chat-based research techniques so that potential experiential brand activations can be accurately represented to target audiences before costly development efforts. This in-the-moment approach allows brands to quickly see winners & losers, enabling more efficient brand experience creation and better performing activations.

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