A conversational, mobile-first research solution to maximize the ROI of experiential brand activations

post-event surveys for event marketers

A conversational, mobile-first research solution to maximize the ROI of experiential brand activations

Brand Experience Predictor (BXP) enables marketers to gain fast and contextual feedback from consumers on potential brand experience activations through predictive analytics on intent to share (word of mouth and social), intent to engage or purchase, and overall brand impact.

Uncover immersive, in-the-moment consumer feedback (powered by Rival Technologies' mobile-first, conversational research platform) and maximize Return on Experience (ROE).

Go beyond post-event surveys and media impressions

Pre-test brand activations using pre-event surveys

Pre-testing experience

Predict engagement, share-ability and brand impact of potential experiential activations

Get in-the-moment feedback using market research

In-the-moment feedback

Capture video-based reactions & understand cultural relevancy during experiential activations

Post-event surveys

Post Activation Impact

Re-engage with consumers to quantify behavior change and brand lift


A unified and comprehensive solution



Test any stimuli in any environment at any stage of experiential campaign development


BXP Score

Predict the success of your experiential brand activations with a single score


Normative Database

Benchmark and compare the impact of your activation, and optimize for future success

Measurable ROE: Return on Experience


say experiences make them feel more emotionally connected with a brand (% of US population ages 16+)


are more likely to share or talk about brand experiences (% of US population ages 16+)


say brand experiences more likely to make them want to try a brand (% of US population ages 16+)


Greg Pharo

Senior Global Director, Holistic Communications & Marketing Effectiveness,

Our commitment to experiential brand activations is real. We’re putting real dollars against these experiences. The Brand Experience Predictor is the only solution I’ve seen that is purpose built to accurately measure and understand the return on the significant investments we’ve made in this space.

Greg Pharo

Senior Global Director, Holistic Communications & Marketing Effectiveness,

Actionable deliverables complete with video and diagnostics

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  • Diagnostic tools highlight where your experience is most compelling and where it falls short in the hearts and minds of your target consumers.
  • Normative database to compare to other experiential brand activations by your company and in your category
  • Collect video feedback effortlessly in key moments and present video sizzle reels that bring the data to life

Go-beyond concept and A/B testing

Test a variety of stimuli, in any environment, in any stage of design. Pre-test and predict the effectiveness of virtual and in-person brand activations

  • Sponsorships 
  • Guest appearances
  • Metaverse activations (e.g. Fortnite)
  • Sports events (e.g. Olympics)
  • Non-traditional ads
  • Social media
  • Concept images and description
  • Digital executions
  • Messaging and claims

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Who is BXP for?

This solution is for brand and sponsorship managers, event organizers, and market researchers who are interested in understanding the real impact of activations.

  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Sponsorships
  • Marketing Directors
  • Event Managers
  • Market Research and Insights
  • Brand Activations
  • Brand Strategy
  • Analytics

Curious about BXP?

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