Consumers today demand authenticity. Without a deep understanding of your target audience, it’s easy to end up chasing non-enduring fads or playing catch up to more forward-looking brands.

TrendSpot delivers continuous and cost-effective monitoring of what’s trending among the consumers that matter to you, whether that’s Gen Z fashion enthusiasts, highly influential foodies or IT decision-makers.

Build products and campaigns
that transcend fads and drive revenue

Identify trends as they’re still building up and beat your competitors to market

Leverage the reach of Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube influencers to hear from very specific audiences

Use conversational methodologies to talk to consumers in channels they frequently use

Trimming the fat of traditional insight approaches

Traditional Insight Community

  • Long set-up time
    (weeks, or in some cases, months)
  • Heavily reliant on email invites
  • Slow and expensive
  • Often managed by a junior team
  • Need to keep at least 1 year to see ROI

Mobile Agile Community

  • Faster, easier set up—usually days, rather than weeks or months
  • Engagement via social media, SMS and messaging platforms
  • Micro-targeted and efficient
  • Run by experienced industry and community researchers
  • On-demand; could be used for short and long term with immediate ROI

Influencer & Affinity-based Mobile Agile Communities


Foodies/Food Tribes


Beauty Enthusiasts


Exercise / Outdoor


Millennial Moms






How it works


Build a trendsetter community.

Continuously connect with your audience via modern messaging platforms using a wide range of demographic, behavioral, attitudinal and psychographic variables.


Run agile learning sprints

Based on your business needs, Reach3 will design customized immersive conversational learning streams such as trend monitoring, message testing, heuristic analysis, cultural framing and more.

Get actionable insights

Get actionable insights

Ongoing curated digital deliverables that highlight key trends critical to your business and innovation pipeline.