Rival Technologies and Reach3 Insights Launch Mobile Community Insight Solution

Mobile messaging-based platform allows brands to engage – and re-engage – consumers in the moment for real-time insights

July 15, 2020, Vancouver, BC and Chicago, IL — Rival Technologies and Reach3 Insights today announced the launch of their Mobile Community insight solution – a mobile messaging-based platform that enables brands to have access to “focus groups on demand” at scale.

The solution makes it possible to quickly engage – and re-engage – large numbers of key consumer groups to capture predictive quantitative and contextual qualitative feedback in one seamless experience. Rather than relying on email, a Mobile Community reaches participants through popular messaging and social media apps, allowing companies to use the smartphone’s chat, voice and video technologies to unlock deep and rich insights.

"It’s surprising that insight communities today still rely on stodgy, email-based methods that fail to get to the authentic thoughts and feelings of customers," says Andrew Reid, CEO and Founder of Rival Technologies. "Many of us at Rival and Reach3 have spent the last 18 years pioneering community-based research approaches. We are excited to use our collective research pedigree to introduce a solution that completely re-imagines insight communities for the mobile era. Client feedback from dozens of Mobile Communities that we’ve launched so far shows that a conversational, mobile-first approach is not only faster—it's also more effective and efficient at uncovering the type of deeper, richer insights companies need to compete in this economy."

Many early adopters—a growing list that now includes Kimberly-Clark, Tyson Foods, REVOLT Media & TV, Jägermeister, Snapchat, Diageo and the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks—are using Mobile Communities to understand evolving consumer mindsets, attitudes and behaviors, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The global crisis brought about by COVID-19 is a stark reminder of the importance of having ongoing engagement with consumers,” said Matt Kleinschmit, CEO and Founder of Reach3. “At this critical time, business leaders need to continually test and retest their assumptions to understand the emotional and contextual drivers of behavioral change. You can no longer rely on traditional consumer research techniques that are too slow, overly reliant on recall and that ultimately fail to provide the deep experiential insights that drive action.”

A Mobile Community can be set up in days, with recruitment conducted through social media and other methods to enable inclusion of community groups numbering in the thousands. Community members are kept engaged through chats—mobile-first surveys that use a mix of conversational language, photos, animated GIFs and videos in a messaging-like user interface. The solution includes a range of reporting capabilities, including dynamic interactive deliverables and mobile topline reports. A flexible service model allows companies to get the right amount of customer success support or the strategic industry consulting they need.  

The platform can help brands identify and understand new consumer habits and hard-to-reach audiences with insights into:

- Consumer Routines: How have habits changed and where is there new opportunity for brands?

- Emotional Drivers: How have consumers' emotional needs changed, and what role does this play in terms of the brands/ products they will buy?

- Digital & Social Brand Experience: How does a brand’s digital user experience influence consumer attitudes and behaviors?

- E-Commerce & Omni-Channel:  How should a brand sell its products online and via mobile and social channels?  What messages resonate?  What friction points are blocking purchases and further engagement?

- Consumer Finances:  How can brands optimize their product portfolio to maximize their chances of success in this environment? 

- Brand Reinvention:  As consumer priorities evolve, how can brands best position themselves to redefine their meaning in the minds of consumers?

Since launching in 2017, Rival and Reach3 have grown rapidly. Both companies are included in the 2020 GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Business & Innovation Report, securing ranking in the strategic consulting and technology “most innovative” lists as well as the GRIT Top 50. Both companies have also picked up industry awards, including the 2019 EXPLOR Award for Reach3 and the Next Gen Market Research Disruptive Innovation Awards for Outstanding Disruptive Start-up for Rival.

For more information on Reach3 and Rival’s Mobile Community insight solution, please visit www.reach3insights.com or www.rivaltech.com.

About Rival Technologies
Rival Technologies is the company behind the world’s first enterprise mobile messaging-based market research platform. The company’s solutions enable industry-leading brands such as the NHL's Vancouver Canucks and REVOLT MEDIA & TV to create Mobile Communities of consumers they can continuously engage for insights. By leveraging the smartphone’s chat, video and voice technologies, the Rival platform enables marketers and researchers from global brands to capture robust quantitative and rich qualitative feedback and unlock the fast, iterative and ongoing insights they need to improve business outcomes. Rival is part of the Reid Campbell Group and a sister company to Reach3 Insights, a full-service consultancy that uses immersive and in-the-moment research and dynamic digital storytelling to deliver deep experiential insights that inspire action. For more information, visit rivaltech.com.

About Reach3 Insights
Reach3 Insights is a full-service research consultancy that develops scalable, conversational insight solutions for today’s modern, agile enterprise. Led by CEO Matt Kleinschmit, the company uses immersive, in-the-moment research designs and dynamic digital storytelling to deliver deep experiential insights that inspire action. Reach3 is part of Reid Campbell Group and a sister company to Rival Technologies, a tech company developing chat, voice and video solutions that integrate into messaging platforms and technologies that people actively use on a daily basis. For more information, visit reach3insights.com.

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