winning in the phygital world - research from Reach3 Insights

To create a more meaningful relationship with consumers and drive sales, more brands are embracing the concept of "phygital." 

The idea is simple: provide a more seamless customer experience by combining the best parts of the physical experience and the digital world. 

Getting "phygital" right requires a deep understanding of the customer journey and having a robust and thought-out digital transformation strategy. It requires ongoing insights on how people are buying and the underlying emotions and motivations for their decisions. 

To help brands in retail, CPG, beauty and health navigate this new landscape, Reach3 has launched a free research program delving into phygital world. 

The program uses the Rival market research platform as well as our conversational research approach to capture quant, qual and video feedback from shoppers. 

We invite you to sign up to: 

  • Check out our mobile deliverables on the 2024 seasonal shopper and social commerce
  • Get first access on our upcoming reports on phygital shopper commerce, shopping via QR codes, and more
  • Share your ideas and questions for future research studies on phygital retail

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