How conversational methods give insight-driven brands foresight into future trends

Consumers who are most likely to provide authentic, trend-setting insights are least likely to participate in traditional research. Why? Because conventional research feels more like taking a test than a meaningful brand engagement.

In this fast and focused session, Reach3's Matt Kleinschmit and Dara St. Louis reveal how some of the world’s most customer-centric brands are leveraging the power of mobile messaging-based conversational approaches to reach new voices, in new places, in a more organic and natural way.

Watch now to learn how future thinkers from Diageo, Kimberly Clark, Hyundai, Tyson Foods and others are using conversational insight methods to: 

  • Leverage modern messaging services instead of e-mail to engage consumers and capture in-the-moment, immersive insights
  • Take people out of “test taking” mode, revealing deeper “missing insights” from under-represented consumers
  • Create more organic, authentic consumer foresight that fuels better business decisions today and delivers the power to predict the trends of tomorrow

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