New Customer Experience

Engage your new COVID customers continuously to anticipate unmet needs, reduce churn and boost long-term customer value


New COVID customers have
unique needs, high expectations, and fragile loyalty

During the pandemic, many businesses have seen a massive influx of new customers. Deeply understanding and anticipating their needs will help retention and drive growth.

Why you need New Customer Experience now

Fast, friction free, out-of-the box market research solution designed to help your CMO better understand the composition of your new COVID customers and drive key loyalty metrics: CSAT and NPS.

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Actionable Insights
in Real-Time

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Predict Changes in
Consumer Behaviors


Capture Trends and
Respond to Unmet Needs


Test Messaging and
Sustain Growth

How we're better

Agile, with fast set-up

Recruit your new community and start getting insights from new customers in days, not weeks or months.

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Robust, out-of-the-box quant and qual

Tap into the full functionality of Rival Technologies, the world’s best mobile market research platform, to capture projectionable quant data and immersive qual inputs like video, audio and images.

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Next-gen deliverables

Use mobile toplines to see responses —including video transcriptions— in real-time, and leverage dynamic mobile deliverables to activate action within your organization.

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Practical tips, no tricks

Learn how consumer behaviors and attitudes are changing during the COVID pandemic—and what your company can expect moving forward.

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New Customer Experience is powered by Rival, the world’s best mobile market research platform.

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