Modern Insight Professionals Playbook

The Modern Insight Professional’s Playbook

As we slowly emerge from what seems like a two-year winter, it’s a good time for brands to take stock of where they are—especially when it comes to their relationship with consumers.

But how well equipped are most companies to respond to this transformed consumer landscape?

In this new playbook, Reach3 Founder and CEO, Matt Kleinschmit, outlines eight core principles of conversational research design to help brands across industries and around the world get closer to their customers.  

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  • why mobile-based research is now a must-have capability for any company trying to better anticipate consumer behaviors and routines.
  • how brands like Jägermeister, Brunswick, Tyson Foods, Hyundai, Kellogg's and more are employing a powerful combination of mobile technology and conversational research design to drive stronger customer relationships and better business outcomes
  • steps to incorporate conversational research design principles into your own mobile methodologies


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