Modern Research Techniques for New Product Innovation

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Building successful products and services today requires a deep and accurate understanding of what your customers really need and want.

But given how complex the consumer landscape has become, traditional research approaches often fail to uncover deeper consumer insights that can help fuel innovation and drive growth. 

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In this webinar, we'll show you how you can continuously incorporate high-quality consumer feedback in your product development process and get the insights you need to launch in the market with confidence.  

Watch this masterclass webinar to learn:

  • The limitations of using traditional survey approaches for new product / service ideation and co-creation
  • The evolution of early-stage innovation research and why a modern, longitudinal approach is necessary in today's landscape 
  • How to use conversational research design principles and AI-powered, mobile chat-based approaches to better understand unmet needs, usage occasions and "jobs to be done"
  • How companies in financial services, CPG, retail and others use modern approaches to develop their innovation pipeline and launch successful products and services in the market


  • Katie Sheehan, Senior Vice President, Reach3 Insights
  • Matt Kleinschmit, CEO and Founder, Reach3 Insights