Modern Research Techniques for Customer Journey Mapping

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Customer journey mapping is an important exercise in understanding the triggers that get your customers closer to purchasing. It's foundational in uncovering customer motivations as well as barriers to purchase. 

But given how dynamic and complex the consumer landscape has become, traditional research approaches are no longer sufficient in providing real insights on the customer journey. 

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Getting a more nuanced understanding of the customer journey requires modern, in-the-moment research techniques that better align with today's shopping behaviors and get you closer to key moments of truth. 

Thursday, March 14
10 am PT / 1 pm ET (30 minutes)

Join this masterclass webinar to learn:

  • The limitations of using traditional survey approaches for customer journey mapping
  • The evolution of customer journey mapping, and why a modern, longitudinal approach is necessary in today's landscape 
  • How to use conversational research design principles and AI-powered, mobile chat-based approaches to better understand emotions, attitudes and behaviors driving purchasing intent 
  • How companies in financial services, CPG, retail and others use modern approaches to better understand the end-to-end customer experience


  • Will Buxton, Director, Financial Services & Tech, Reach3 Insights
  • Matt Kleinschmit, CEO and Founder, Reach3 Insights