Pre-testing and maximizing the impact of experiential brand activations

Learn how to use conversational research design to optimize your investments in experiential marketing.

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To better connect with modern consumers, more and more companies are investing in experiential brand activations.

Often, however, predicting their success and measuring their impact are very difficult using traditional research approaches and metrics. 

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Enter Brand Experience Predictor (BXP).

Powered by conversational research, this mobile-first research solution provides an end-to-end understanding of experiential brand activations. It's the first solution in the market that lets you pre-test experiences and predict engagement, share-ability and brand impact before you launch.

Watch this masterclass webinar to learn:

  • The limitations of using traditional survey approaches for experiential measurement
  • Why consumers prefer experiences over advertising
  • How to use conversational research design principles and AI-powered, mobile chat-based approaches to maximize the impact of your experiences
  • How companies in CPG, telecommunications, media, tech and other major industries are using BXP


  • Dara St. Louis, EVP & Founding Partner, Reach3 Insights
  • Matt Kleinschmit, CEO and Founder, Reach3 Insights