Modern Research Techniques for In-the-Moment Ad Effectiveness and Creative Optimization

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Creating successful brand integrations that drive concrete business outcomes require a deep understanding your audience.

Unfortunately, traditional research approaches often fail to engage the right consumers, at the right time, to uncover authentic insights that can help elevate the ad and creative development process.

Reach3's Watch Party

In this webinar, you'll learn about Watch Party, a consumer-centric, immersive methodology that allows you to get in-the-moment reactions and feedback and capture more emotional depth and richness. 

Watch this masterclass webinar to learn:

  • Why traditional ad testing platforms fall short in getting insights on sponsor placements and brand integrations 
  • How to combine quant, qual and video-based methods in one learning stream to better understand consumer sentiment and emotional reactions... at scale
  • How to use conversational research design principles and AI-powered, mobile chat-based approaches to pre-test, evaluate and optimize creative ideas 
  • How companies in media, CPG, health, retail, financial services, tech and others use modern, in-the-moment approaches to improve advertising effectiveness and optimize sponsor integrations
  • Jenna Shuster, Senior Vice President, Reach3 Insights
  • Matt Kleinschmit, CEO and Founder, Reach3 Insights