Developing experiential brand activations is not cheap. Many brands, however, have no concrete processes for measuring the impact of these activations. At best, if companies do measure the effectiveness of on-site or virtual brand activations, they do so using antiquated research methods that rely heavily on recall.

LIVE leverages conversational research approaches and modern messaging technologies that engage people in real time, providing rich and timely feedback that drives immediate and ongoing optimization.

Real time diagnostics to maximize
experiential brand activation ROI

Leverage messaging-based notifications to drive in-the-moment engagement

Capture sponsor recall and measure ROI of experiential marketing activities

Use ideation and co-creation exercises to identify activations that fit with specific sponsors

Trimming the fat of traditional insight approaches

Traditional Insight Community

  • Long set-up time
    (weeks, or in some cases, months)
  • Heavily reliant on email invites
  • Slow and expensive
  • Often managed by a junior team
  • Need to keep at least 1 year to see ROI

Mobile Agile Community

  • Faster, easier set up—usually days, rather than weeks or months
  • Engagement via social media, SMS and messaging platforms
  • Micro-targeted and efficient
  • Run by experienced industry and community researchers
  • On-demand; could be used for short and long term with immediate ROI

Influencer & Affinity-based Mobile Agile Communities


Foodies/Food Tribes


Beauty Enthusiasts


Exercise / Outdoor


Millennial Moms






How it works


Engage your audience

Use geo-triggers, QR codes and real-time notifications to engage people before, during and after key experiential brand activations. Send short, mobile-based conversational exercises to capture in-the-moment feedback.


Measure what matters

Through customized learning sprints, get real-time data to understand brand/ sponsor recall & engagement, call-to-action effectiveness, satisfaction, relevance, shareability and more. Get a richer understanding of the brand experience via user-generated videos and images.


Optimize and improve

Get curated digital deliverables that reveal insights on how to optimize your content and experiential brand activations