The rise of gaming in the age of social distancing

Gaming is seeing a huge surge in popularity amid  COVID-19. But what are the underlying factors motivating people to play video games during this time of crisis? Is it purely due to boredom, or is there more to the story?  

Reach3 Insights recently conducted a study to understand the biggest behavioral changes happening in gaming during the lockdown. Using mobile messaging-based conversational exercises from Rival Technologies, Reach3 engaged 240 US-based gamers who play at least 6 hours a week to help answer the following questions:

  • Why are people turning to video games during the quarantine? 
  • How does gaming shape relationships at a time when people are being asked to avoid hanging out in person? 
  • How do video games change our perception of time during a major global crisis? 

We’re providing a complimentary interactive deliverable with our findings to our clients and partners. If you’re interested, simply request access to this exclusive report. 

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