Let's be honest. No one wants to be studied. They want to be heard. And as insights professionals, we want genuine feedback, not the "right answers" to our tests. 

In this e-book we deep dive into the global marketing research industry's increasingly untenable reliance on email-based approaches, and reveal how messaging-based methods can be more effective at capturing robust quantitative results and deeper, more emotive qualitative feedback. 

  • Identify the hurdles for the ever-changing insights professional role 
  • Learn how to reach real people in real time where they live their daily lives
  • Gain deeper, richer qual and quant insights with conversational approaches

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About the Author


Matt Kleinschmit

Matt is a seasoned research innovator with 20 years experience developing agile consulting teams and creative, technology accelerated insight solutions for global brands who are determined to win in today's fast-paced marketplace.