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Future of Financial Services

Financial Institutions are all facing similar challenges – how do they implement DE&I strategies that not only foster acceptance and tolerance within their organizations, but also help improve the financial well-being of communities that have historically been marginalized?

There are no simple answers – but most will agree that a deep consumer understanding is a critical first step.

But, the fact of the matter is that many important audiences including Hispanic, African American, Asian American, LGBTQ+, the Underbanked/Unbanked, Gen Z and Millennials are often not found on traditional research panels, and they typically eschew commonly used online email surveys.

Led by Siddharth Gopinath, Reach3 SVP of Financial Services, we recently used our conversational techniques and Rival Technologies’ mobile messaging-based market research platform to chat with “harder-to-reach” consumers and gain an understanding of their expectations for Banks, Payment Providers, Insurers, and Investment Management Firms.

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  • how Financial Services companies can be reimagined to stay relevant among "harder-to-reach" audiences
  • which Financial Services brands are seen as the most (and least) innovative
  • where significant opportunities exist to increase adoption of key product offerings by under-represented audiences


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