Community 2.0

The future of community-based learning, featuring natural, organic engagement and fast, mobile messaging-based research activities that capture in-the-moment consumer insights.


An experience that makes people want to participate

Maximize your productivity, agility, and impact with a research community that delivers quantitative rigor, qualitative richness, and humanizing video in one unified solution.

See what's really possible with insight communities—check out the video below.

Why you need Community 2.0

Reach3 and Rival's blend of mobile-first, chat-based technology, a game-changing conversational approach, and a fully integrated research services model removes the hassles of traditional insight communities and online research panels, and lets you focus on what matters: generating insights that drive strategy forward.


Increase your impact:

Focus on strategic output and storytelling


Maximize your budget:

Spend less on recruitment, incentives, sample, and panels

Seamless quant, qual & video

Seamless quant, qual & video:

Get high-quality, customer-validated insights amplified by video


Elevate your visibility:

Capture the attention of your colleagues and stakeholders

The 4 pillars of Community 2.0

A respondent-first approach to engagement

We create engaging in-the-moment conversations at scale that resonate with members of your community—all through their mobile phones. Think of it as a survey that feels a lot like texting, not testing.

community 2.0 pillars images.1 community 2.0 pillars images.1

Agility, flexibility and scale

Zero in on the people you want through event-based triggers & dynamic profiles that progressively update the more you get to know them. Say hello to a steady stream of quant, qual & video-based feedback.

community 2.0 pillars images.2 community 2.0 pillars images.2

Full service support from industry experts

From recruitment to activity design & analysis, our industry-specific research teams are experts in developing ongoing, iterative learning sprints that help you to get the most out of your insight community.

community 2.0 pillars images.3 community 2.0 pillars images.3

Robust storytelling & activation

From real-time results to curated mobile reports and video showreels, our award-winning deliverables help humanize your insights and activate results throughout the enterprise.

Mobile deliverable Mobile deliverable

10x your impact with mobile-chat approaches

Mobile chat-based tech has enabled new ways of engaging with consumers in real-time—opening exciting new use cases for your market research panels and insight communities.

From Consumer and B2B audiences, to Patients & Physicians and Global Audiences, our researchers are experts at designing iterative, ongoing learning sprints and bringing new voices into the boardroom through multi-faceted recruitment methods.

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