In highly competitive and disruptive markets, brands need to engage and connect with consumers regularly to develop deeper relationships and better anticipate their needs. 

Mobile Communities are the future of community-based learning, featuring natural, organic engagement and fast, mobile messaging-based research activities that capture in-the-moment consumer insights. 

Everything you'd expect from an Insight Community...
and so much more

On-demand, organic mobile communities — both short- and long-term

Conversational qual and quant engagement delivered via modern messaging services instead of email

Delivering continuous consumer behavior, emotion and context through one insight solution

Trimming the fat of traditional insight approaches

Traditional Insight Community

  • Long set-up time
    (weeks, or in some cases, months)
  • Heavily reliant on email invites
  • Slow and expensive
  • Often managed by a junior team
  • Need to keep at least 1 year to see ROI

Mobile Community

  • Faster, easier set up—usually days, rather than weeks or months
  • Engagement via social media, SMS and messaging platforms
  • Micro-targeted and efficient
  • Run by experienced industry and community researchers
  • On-demand; could be used for short and long term with immediate ROI

Influencer & Affinity-based Mobile Communities


Foodies/Food Tribes


Beauty Enthusiasts


Exercise / Outdoor


Millennial Moms





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How it works


Build your Mobile Community

Use social platforms and influencers to micro-target and invite people to conversational exercises. Participants who subscribe to future activities become part of your ongoing, organic community.

Continuous insight

Reach3’s researchers will design and implement a conversational learning plan that includes diverse qual, quant, behavioral and implicit design philosophies, ensuring ongoing iterative learning on critical issues facing your business.


Activate and inspire

Fast, dynamic curated digital deliverables humanize and illuminate insights throughout the enterprise — driving empathy and actionability that informs strategic decision-making.