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Buy Now, Pay Later

The Buy Now, Pay Later industry has exploded in recent years. With the key holiday shopping season upon us and many retailers starting sales even earlier, Reach3 Insights sought to examine key trends related to this offering, how it is impacting the overall shopping experience and how non-users view the space.

Several financial services companies provide a Buy Now, Pay Later offering, so the competitive space is very crowded. In this environment, understanding the key drivers of consumer preference is critical to identifying relevant points of differentiation.

We used our conversational techniques and Rival Technologies’ mobile messaging-based market research platform to chat with US Adults age 18+ about their experience with Buy Now, Pay Later programs. 

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  • What is the consumer experience with Buy Now, Pay Later?
  • What are the top drivers and barriers to usage?
  • What role does a credit check play in likelihood to apply for Buy Now, Pay Later?
  • Consumers' shopping, purchase habits and future intent for Buy Now, Pay Later payment options    

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