Summer 2024 Bev Alc Trends

Learn what's hot among LDA Gen Z and Millennials in the world of bev alc in 2024.

To help Bev Alc companies prepare to take on summer 2024 and beyond, we recently used our conversational research approach and the Rival Technologies platform to understand the biggest trends among legal drinking age Gen Zs and Millennials.

Through a mix of quant, qual and video feedback, these consumers told us which alcoholic beverage brands are hot — and which ones are not. 

They also offer predictions for what's next. 

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Top BevAlc brands are mentioned and ranked in this report, including

- Guinness
- Blue Moon

- Bacardi
- Blue Moon
- Bud Light
- Bud Light Seltzer
- Corona
- Jack Daniels
- Modelo
- Patrón
- Smirnoff Seltzer
- Tito’s
- Truly
- White Claw


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