At the dawn of the Millennium, marketing research moved online

In the 2000’s it evolved into online communities & interactive tools

Welcome to the 3rd wave of modern marketing research

Agile, on-demand, organic, immersive & conversational

Captured at scale through the modern mediums of the ‘Mobile First' generation.

Fresh & Fast
Insight Solutions

Founded by Industry Pioneers

Part of the recently launched Reid Campbell Group, Reach3 Insights and Rival Technologies were founded by industry leaders who are passionate about the power of insights to drive business success. Our founders have pioneered innovative advancements to online insight approaches over the past 25 years, and believe that it’s time yet again for transformational change that places human experience, behavioral science and conversational engagement at the center of our craft.

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The Power of Conversation

  • Hi WaveShades


  • Actually, research. But to your
    customers, it looks like chat Wink.

  • Sounds Great!

  • Yup… instead of a boring survey Dinowe
    send out a quick Chat Happy.

  • Over email?

  • Nope… we loop into modern Messaging
    apps & engage with thousands of your
    target customers via chat, voice, and

  • Wow OK - that sounds like a whole
    new way to capture qual, quant &
    behavioral insights!

Frictionless Insights for the Agile Enterprise

Capture ongoing, organic conversational insights at scale to continually inform agile brand positioning, product innovation, R&D, user experience, omnichannel optimization & marketing activation strategies.  Quickly micro-target specific audiences and create organic mobile-first networks that you can engage with for a few days, weeks, months or longer. 

Emotions, Behaviors & Context in Real Time

Conversational insights are experiential, immersive and human, but also rooted in the rigor of projectionable scientific methodologies & predictive analytic models. Our innovative solutions blend attitudes, emotions and behaviors in real time so that brands can see through the eyes of ALL of their customers to strengthen & grow relationships.

Deep Expertise in Disrupted Industries

Brands are grappling with disruptive forces that are challenging legacy business models.  Reach3 strategists develop intelligent, conversational insight approaches, scalable analytic models & dynamic digital dashboards and video storytelling that inspire action for leaders in the Media & Entertainment, Technology, Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Health, Hospitality, Retail & Restaurant industries.

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Fiercely Driven

We dare to believe that continuous authentic human interaction can unlock truth and opportunity, and are driven to inspire our clients & our industry through the power of agile and immersive conversational insights at scale.

Join us in re-imagining the future.

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