First Solution to Enable Pre-Testing Of Experiential Brand Activations Launches

Brand Experience Predictor (BXP) from Reach3 Insights and The Keller Advisory Group helps brands maximize Return on Experience (ROE) through mobile chat-based consumer feedback on intent to share, purchase and brand impact 

Chicago, IL, February 15, 2023 -- The first scalable research solution to provide marketers with early-stage consumer feedback on the potential effectiveness and impact of experiential brand activations has launched.

The Brand Experience Predictor (BXP), developed by market research consultancy Reach3 Insights in partnership with The Keller Advisory Group, provides immersive, “in-the-moment” consumer feedback, powered by Reach3’s mobile chat-based conversational insight techniques, to help brands maximize Return on Experience (ROE) through the identification of those activations that will best deliver on brand experience KPIs.

The BXP is the latest offering in Reach3’s suite of experiential capabilities, which also includes in-the-moment experiential evaluation and post-experience feedback. The new BXP solution enables marketers to gain fast and contextual feedback from consumers on potential brand experience activations through predictive analytics on intent to share (word of mouth and social), intent to engage or purchase and overall brand impact. BXP features diagnostics identifying for brands what the most compelling experiential aspects would be for a target, as well as what would not resonate. The solution also includes a normative database for brands to compare analysis of their activations against other experiential brand activations in its category.

“Amidst a fragmented media landscape that is making traditional advertising less effective, marketers are increasingly investing in physical and digital experiential brand activations such as creator content, pop-ups, metaverse, stunts, celebrity integrations and events to drive consumer engagement,” said Ed Keller, CEO, The Keller Advisory Group and the leading authority on Word of Mouth marketing. "We designed BXP to predict which types of experiential brand activations will resonate so that modern marketers can master the art and science of brand experience.”

“Experiences are a powerful way to engage consumers, with recent research revealing they are more likely than traditional advertising to be beneficial to the brand, motivating trial, boosting positive feelings and emotional connectedness,” said Matt Kleinschmit, Founder and CEO, Reach3 Insights. “We built BXP by leveraging the immersive mobile chat-based technology of our sister company Rival Technologies, coupled with our advanced conversational research techniques so that potential experiential brand activations can be accurately represented to target audiences before costly development efforts. This in-the-moment approach allows brands to quickly see winners and losers, enabling more efficient brand experience creation and better performing activations.”

Recent research by Reach3 Insights and The Keller Advisory Group found that 80% of Americans have engaged or are interested in engaging with brand experiences. Though younger consumers are more likely to have engaged, interest in engaging with experiences is high across all age cohorts.

This research found that brand experiences have advantages over traditional advertising; consumers consider them to be more likeable, unique, and exciting. While in general consumers see experiences and traditional ads as equally relevant, once consumers engage with experiences, they are likely to say experiences are more relevant vs. traditional advertising.

The Keller Advisory Group is led by Ed Keller, author of the best seller “The Influentials”, is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on word-of-mouth marketing and is a member of both the Market Research Council Hall of Fame and the Word of Mouth Marketing Hall of Fame.

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